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WYTB Fall 2021 Information and Rosters

Westport Youth Travel Baseball (WYTB) is excited for the Fall 2021 season for its 8U through 14U teams.  There was very strong participation at our try-outs, and we thank you for your patience with the changes in times and locations due to the deluge from Ida.  With so many talented players trying out this past week for these competitive teams, there were difficult roster decisions made by the respective coaches. 

Set forth below please find program information and the Fall 2021 rosters.  The size of rosters for the various WYTB teams varies based on the specific needs and circumstances of the applicable team. 

Communications:  Parents of players on the rosters below will be contacted soon via their email addresses on file with WYTB by their teams' head coaches to welcome them to the team and provide relevant information regarding the season, including information regarding assistant coaches and expectations for the Fall season.  After you hear from the coach, please send him any additional or alternative email addresses for communications going forward, which will be coordinated by the head coach or parent team manager, as applicable.

Roster Acceptance/Pricing:  A parent of each rostered player will receive an email requesting a deposit of $500 to secure a roster spot on the applicable team, which will be credited against a player's registration fees for the season.  As a reminder, if the season is cut short or canceled due to COVID-19, we will not be able to return any deposits or registration fees subsequently collected that have been allocated to fixed costs, and we intend to pay our coaches.  If a parent declines on behalf of a player, or fails to accept, a roster spot secured by the deposit within 7 days of receipt of the email, coaches will consider the invitation forfeited and will reduce the size of the team or reach out to the parents of another child to fill the spot.  Final pricing (which is expected to include a contemplated tournament) will be set forth in a separate email as the coaching staff for each team finalizes its respective program.

As with prior seasons, there will be separate tryouts in November for the Spring 2022 WYTB season.  Playing on a Fall WYTB team does not mean a player will make a Spring WYTB team. 

Commitment Letters/Code of Conduct:  Participation on a WYTB team requires commitment from players and parents.  All players invited to join a WYTB team, and their parents, must sign and return to the applicable head coach the attached Commitment Letter, which sets forth the player's commitment to the team and the player's and parents' obligation to abide by certain requirements and a code of conduct.

Fall Little League Baseball:  All rostered WYTB players eligible to play Westport Little League Baseball are encouraged to play Fall 2021 Westport Little League Baseball which starts next weekend.  WYTB games should not conflict with Westport Little League Baseball games.  Registration remains open for Fall Little League—you can find the link on the Westport Little League Baseball website.

Uniforms:  If your child played on the 9U-13U WYTB teams last Spring, the kit (including white pants/knickers with the blue piping) remains the same, and your child's number has been reserved, such that you do not need to purchase anything.  If your child played on the WYTB 8U team last Spring, you only need to purchase the alternate (white) jersey to complete the kit.  To the extent your child needs a uniform, wishes to change his/her number or any part of the kit has been lost or irredeemably soiled, or if you want to minimize the washing machine cycles, you can purchase, replace or supplement at ASF.  Please do not contact or visit ASF until the coaches contact you to inform you when to bring in your child to be fitted for his or her uniform at the appropriate time.  We are working on a very tight timetable for producing uniforms (with shipping delays due to the pandemic), so you will need to order promptly.

Tournaments:  The curriculum for the 9U through 14U teams contemplates teams participating in at least one (likely local) baseball tournament that will not require an overnight stay.  Players and parents have been very enthusiastic about these tournaments, which provide good opportunities to add games, and the bonding experience among parents and players from playing in them.  Tournaments can be expensive, are often non-refundable, fill up quickly and require a substantial time commitment from the coaches.  Therefore, coaches will be identifying suitable tournaments in advance to book for the applicable teams taking into account their understanding of players' scheduling conflicts and competitive ability.  It will be challenging to find a weekend that works for everyone.  Once we register and pay for a tournament for a team, we expect parents to honor the commitment as it is not fair to others if a team cannot field enough players to play competitively.  It is currently anticipated that many of the 9U-14U teams will participate in tournaments over the same weekend to try to make it easier for families with siblings in the program and to create a fun Westport baseball weekend when the boys can watch each other's games.

Feedback:  Head coaches will be available to explain why any player was not selected for inclusion on the roster of a particular team.  You may contact Glenn Katz of IST at to coordinate to receive detailed feedback from the applicable head coach as observed by the evaluators during the try-outs.  Please understand that in selecting rosters for teams, there were many difficult decisions made by the coaches.  This opportunity to discuss your child's performance with a professional coach is for you to solicit constructive feedback about your child—it is not a forum for parents to make abusive or negative comments.  In prior seasons, we have seen players who did not make teams in the Fall become strong candidates for selection on future teams with continued practice and development in the areas identified by the coaches.       

Babe Ruth Opportunity:  Westport players who did not make the 12U through 14U WYTB teams may be eligible to participate in our Babe Ruth baseball program this Fall.  For more information, please contact Mark Sikorski at .

IST Clinics:  For players who did not make the 9U-12U teams, IST is organizing skills clinics this Fall in which they can enroll.  Please contact Glenn Katz at for more information. 

Congratulations to the players who made the Fall WYTB teams.  We look forward to a terrific season.

-- Westport Youth Travel Baseball



8U Team:
Bryniczka, Jacob
Carreras, Calvin
Flaherty, Chase
Greenstein, Nolan
Kousky, Everest
Landgraf, Jack
Lane, Wheeler
Meli, Hugo
Rutstein, Chase
Shuman, Max
Smith, Alex
Stallone, Jackson

9U Team:
Burke, Jack
Connolly, Aiden
Conry, John
DiVincenzo, William
Farrell, Max
Lesser, Zachary
Levey, Cooper
Mastocciolo, Justin
Mondshine, Simon
Roth, Liam
Rubin, Ashton
Schlesinger, Nathaniel
Suchotliff, Reed

10U Team:
Caniato, Paolo
Costello, William
Goldman, Benjamin
Kalb, Barrett
Keefe, Theodore
Lehnerd-Reilly, Orlando
Phillips, William
Podolec, Brooks
Schonfeld, Jake
Smith, Zachary
Tuminski, Dylan
Vizzo, Ryan

11U Team:
Berman, Ethan
Burdeshaw, Dylan
Ellis, Henry
Goldshore, Justin
Johnson, Wyatt
Landgraf, Chase
Moneyhon, Luke
Rosenberg, Mason
Rossetter, Torrey
Sealove, Evan
Slavin, Toby
Theisinger, Grant

12U Roster:
Anand, Kieran
Bonaventura, Michael
Bozeman, Grant
Ceman, Caden
Lask, Jaxson
Ledenko, Dylan
MacNeill, Benjamin
Marcucio, Kyle
Mello, Alan
Nielsen, JJ
Sharnoff, Nicholas
Stanton, Rowen
Wenitzky, Parker
Zwick, Ian

13U Team:
Blitzer, William
Cicero, Jules
Crombie, Cael
Cruz, Marcos
Heyer, Austin
Jandora, Declan
Landgraf, Cole
Lowman, Dhilan
Orr, Logan
Pauley, Nathanael
Rosenberg, Jax
Salmieri, Jackson
Vizzo, Michael

14U Roster:
Allott, William
Bernstein, Nathaniel
Briggs, William
Brill, Connor
Curran, Charlie
Dottori, Paul
Heyer, Samson
Jacob, Jack
Kelly, Mark
Linn, Michael
McHugh, Daniel
Saed, Noah
Tobias, Mason

by posted 09/05/2021
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